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Bustan Ruins


This is a most impressive ruin, standing proud above the farmland after 1700 years. It was built during the Kushan period (2nd and 3rd century AD) and in parts has undergone a rather horrible reconstruction by Soviet archaeologists. In the centre of the ruin is a temple, which looks a bit like the Fire Temple site at Tash-k'irman. Contrary to what the Lonely Planet guide to Central Asia says there are no rooms carved out of the rock on a hilltop, for the simple reason that the whole structure is made out of clay bricks.


This is a fortress, with well preserved walls, last rebuilt just before the Mongols invaded. It dates from the 4th and 3rd century BC, and formed part of the line of frontier fortresses during the Kang-kiui period.

Ayaz-kala I and Ayaz-kala III

Ayaz-kala I is an imposing site. Perched high on a hill, it has staggering views of the surrounding countryside. Sadly one of the things we saw was a large blue lake, the depository of the water used to wash the land before planting and ordinary irrigation begins. Bright blue and perfectly dead. We had lunch in the gateway area in the company of a large and persistent beetle. This fortress complex was built in the 4th and 3rd centuries BC, and must have been a feather in the cap of Chorasmia. It looks down too, on Ayaz-kala III which was constructed in the medieval period, and which was used in the making of a film about the life of Genghis Khan. Parts of the wall of Ayaz-kala III have been reconstructed.

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