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Central Asian Embassies Worldwide

Click the relevant country for an indicative listing of its Missions abroad. Please bear in mind that many Foreign Missions of Central Asian states are relatively small and have therefore to be dealt with very patiently.

Visa fees in Western countries are on average 20-30% higher than eg at the Central Asian Missions. Nevertheless the western Consulates work sometimes more efficiently and are familiar with visa application by mail and cheque payment, while other missions may prefer payment in fresh USD cash, preferrably without change.

Do re-check on the co-ordinates through your telephone directory. Some Visa appliaction forms, prices and payment conditions have changed with the introduction of the Euro.

Several Embassies have restrictions on which residents will be served under normal circumstances. It is always recommendable to apply for visas in your country of residence or at the nearest Embassy of the country you wish to travel to.

Especially the issuance of transit visas is an immediate decision of the relevant consul and conditions vary a lot.

Please contact us in case of any queries.

Turkmenistan Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Uzbekistan

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