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Visa - General Information

The Cental Asian Visa Jungle starts for most overland travellers on the Russian border or in Iran and continues eastwards along a stony track all the way through to the Great Wall. Travellers should be well-informed and well prepared for this sometimes strenous voyage almost unonown to South-East Asia or Latin America travellers.

Prior to the issuance of their visas most of the Caucasus and Central Asian States require a document called visa support letter or Letter of Invitation (LOI). Against relatively significant payment travel agents in Central Asia can issue the invitation letters. Conditions vary from country to country and depending on what is required.

Most positively Kyrgyzstan has been issuing most of their visas without invitation letters, so has Uzbekistan for certain nationals. Kazakhstan has eased procedures for issuance of visa support. Letters to Iran and Turkmenistan are subject to service bookings with local travel agents. With the exception of Turkmenistan and Tadjikistan the letters (most of which in fact are nothing more than a Telex or email reference number) are valid only for the Consulate indicated in your application for the letter and the dates are more or less fixed around what you indicate.

For some countries it is possible to use transit visa which can usually be obtained without invitation upon presentation of onward visas or flight tickets. Anyhow transit visas are subject to serious routing restrictions and cannot usually be extended.

Conditions change frequently and planning ahead is mostly recommended. The visa cost for a Central Asia trip covering 3-4 countries is going to be at least USD 200 but in a rush costs may easily sum up to over 400-500 USD. Take your time to plan well ahead or to stock up on visas along your route. Visa services in Europe or mail application may save time for personal visits of the sometimes rare or simply non-existent Consular Offices of the relevant country.

STANTOURS can deal with all your Central Asia visa requirements at approximately USD 30-40 per person per country. Please proceed for detailed information for each individual country and please thoroughly study the information under the following links:

Turkmenistan Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Azerbaijan Uzbekistan Tadjikistan
n/a * USD 70 USD 100 USD 60 USD 70 USD 50
for single-entry tourist visa up to 1 month
* Only with Programme Booking

For further Countries please send your enquiry to, we have very competitive prices for Russia and Iran tourist invitations starting at USD 30...55!

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