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Ethno, Arts & Crafts

Islamic and pre-islamic influenced arts of Central Asia and the Traditions inherited by the manyfold tribes and people inhabiting the region is by any means the most beautiful association one has linking the Tales of 1001 Nights and the colours of modern Turkestan.

While the fascinating arts of rug making, jewellery and silk and the architecture of Central Asia have been widely documented by western literature, most of the traditions and beliefs of the people of Central Asia still remain little researched and understood.

Despite a relatively modern general impression, highly complicated family and clan structures are still fully functioning across most of the region. The Kazaks have their strong tradition of the Dzhus, the bazaars of Samarkand and Bukhara leave no doubt about the national identity of the ethnic Tajiks and the Turkmens continue living in clearly divided tribal structures preserved even in the state flag and their rugs and clothes.

Largely unknown are the strong sufist and pre-islamic traditions within most of Central Asias friendly Islamic inhabitants most strongly preserved by the various Turkmen tribes across the region.

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Turkmen Zergar Jewellery Photo Fritz Schmidt
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