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Overland & Train

The Silk Road has and will be heaven for overlanders be it by camel, army truck or stuck in a train carriage. With 5-6 serious borders along your way across Central Asia, your venture may become one of your more challengeing experiences whether you are travelling by bus, your own private car or train.

Nevertheless - the obstacles make part of the fun. The overland highlights of any trip into the region could perhaps be the mountain passes of Kygyzstan, the endless desertlands of the Karakum and Kyzylkum crossings or the friendly road stop where a cup of tea is certainly waiting for the patient traveller.

A single traveller should budget no less than 1-2 weeks per country and should certainly consider his option perhaps skipping 1-2 countries to see a little more of the other. 1 month is not enough to see all of Central Asia. With relatively high prices throughout the region, substituting at least some legs of your overland trip by flights is definitely recommendable and will help your budget and your health.

Apart from certain overnight trains and the Urumchi-Almaty train unfortunately travel is not entirely recommendable.

We will help you planning your overland trip. Please continue reading for general advise under our Central Asia Transportation section or contact us while our Overland pages are under construction.
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