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Visa Services / Letters of invitation (LOI)

Most foreign travellers to Kazakhstan require a visa. Tourist visa for stays up to 2 months and double-entry no longer require a visa support letter for most western passport holders if the visa is obtained at a Kazakh Consulate. Nevertheless some Consulates randomly insist on invitations or booking confirmations, which is where we will be glad to assist.

Visa fees vary from 35 - 80 USD depending on the circumstances of your application. Please contact the Kazakh Consulate in your country for further information on how to obtain the visa. The visa cannot be issued at the land borders of Kazakhstan.

For airport arrival visa, longer visits, multiple entries, faster service and visitors from most other countries STANtours can provide you with the invitation. Fees for airport arrival visa, double entry and longer stays are available upon request.

Obtaining official government approval of the invitation letter takes 7-14 days.

Important Notes:
  1. Faster service (2..4 days processing) is no longer possible.
  2. All Visas are normally applicable at the Kazakh Consulate nearest to your residential address.
  3. Special Tourist Visa support letters are available for visa issuance at Almaty and Astana airports.
  4. The fee for the Visa Support Letter is payable to us in advance.
  5. Actual visa fees are payable at the Kazakh Consulate. Visa fees largely depend on the period they are issued for. Anyhow we can give you more flexibility by issuing visa support for a longer period and you then apply for the time frame which suits your budget and plans.
  6. For stays exceeding 5 days (including yoru arrival day) you need to perform OVIR registration at our partner offices or at OVIR offices during office hours.
  7. Transit visa for up to 5 days are available without visa support letter. Click here for more details.
In order to proceed you need to send us your personal data as follows AND arrange for prepayment of the fees for the visa support letter.
1 Last name, first & middle name(s) :
2 Gender :
3 Date City and Country of Birth :
4 Citizenship :
5 Passport Number :
6 Date of the passport issue and expiration :
7 Occupation and Place of Employment :
8 Home Address and Phone number:
9 Address and phone number of place of work :
10 City/country where you will obtain visa :
11 Date(s) of Entry and Departure :
12 number of entries required : single / double / triple / multiple
13 Cities and Sites you wish to visit :
14 purpose of visit / type of visa required : tourism / business
15 Hotel name and Address in Kazakhstan :
16 arrival flight (if applicable) :
With an e-mailed Telex reference number and a copy of the letter you can then apply for your Kazakh visa at the requested Kazakh Consular Office 2..3 days AFTER the reference has been sent out.

OVIR / Police Registration

If your stay in Kazakhstan exceeds 5 days you need to come to our partner office for OVIR Police Registration within 5 days. OVIR registration through your hotel is possible if you have obtained the visa without invitation.

It is NOT necessary to re-register during your travel to various cities, since registration is usually done for the entire period of your visa.

New rules regarding OVIR have been introduced in August 2005, by which registration for visa up to 90 days will be performed at the border or Embassy. So far only passengers arriving at the international airports can enjoy this liberty for each leg where they arrive by air. We still recommend registration for ALL stays longer than 5 days UNLESS your Migration Card (filled in at the border or at the Embassy) has a ROUND stamp or the Ministry of Internal Affairs / OVIR on it or has been stamped TWICE by passport control upon entry.

Transit Visas

Kazakh Consulates issue transit visas for up to 5 days upon presentation of the relevant ongoing visas / ticketing. Information on this has to be requested directly from the relevant Kazakh Diplomatic Mission. Cost is usually slightly lower than that of normal visa, but no visa support letter is necessary. Anyhow the Consulate MAY insist on ticket proof in order to issue the transit visa, in which case it may be easier to get a proper tourist or business visa.

Transit visas at Kazakh airports are issued only as a matter of exception and are not recommendable practice. If you are entering Central Asia from China please note that there are no Kazakh visas available in Kashgar nor at the border crossings with China or Kyrgyzstan.

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We can also assist with visa support to Tadjikistan, Russia and Iran for competitive fees and without service obligation. Please contact us for further information.
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