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Image © Jeff FrameSTANtours in conjunction with Felt House Designs is happy to offer you a chance to purchase a real piece of history, an authentic felt house from the nomadic Kazakhs of the Central Asian steppes and deserts. In early spring we will ship a container of five Kazakh yurts back to America. This announcement is to find the future owners of these five beautiful yurts.

The yurts will be purchased in the early spring and shipped in a container to whichever coast gets the most orders. It will take approximately 2-3 months for shipping from Central Asia to the port of choice, so if sent in May they should arrive sometime in late July or early August. The 15 foot diameter yurt will be 4000 USD and the 25 foot yurt will be 5000 USD. If someone wants a larger yurt they can pay for a 25 foot yurt and if we are able to find one then we will charge 500 USD per 5 extra feet in diameter.

Payment will be made in full and will be taken by cashier’s checks and money orders. If we are not able to sell five yurts before the appointed time and this venture is cancelled all money will be refunded.

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