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Ahal Region

Nissa Fortress

"Nisa was an important center of the Parthian state, which existed since the III c. BC up to the III c. AD and rivaled with Rome for supremacy in the Near East In particular."

Nissa Fortress
Once when Abu Said Makneyi was at the mosque in Nishapur, the famous erudite Abu AliIbn Sina entered the hall and joined people. They met each other and had conversation that lasted for three days. When Abu Said was about to leave one person at the mosque approached him and asked "How did you like Ibn Sina"? He answered " Ibn Sina knows everything that I see". When the same question was given to Ibn Sina he answered "Abu Said sees everything that I know". Click here to visit the Meane Baba Mausoleum

Tolkuchka Bazaar
Karakala Reserve
Nokhur Area
Bakharden Underground Lake
Anau Mosque
Nissa Fortress
Geok Depe
Firuza & Chuli Valley
Sekizyap Area
Meane Baba Mausoleum
Altyn Depe
Karakum Desert
Darvaza Oasis
Erbent Oasis
Damla Oasis
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