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Firuza gorge and Chuli Valley


Firuza Gorge is located 27 km west of Ashgabat in the foothills of the Kopetdag Mountains. A cool stream runs through the magnificent canyons and valleys of this recreation spot. Recently it has been renamed to Archabil. On summer weekends Ashgabat's citizens come to Firuza Gorge and Chuli Valley to hide away from the city heat and for picnics. For people who like active relaxation and especially trekking and horse-back riding Firuza valley is an excellent place. It has been popular among rock-climbers for many years for its great variety of mountain routes. Thanks to its roads and climate Firuza used to be a sport base for cycling training for all Soviet sportsmen. 5 km from Firuza is located Vanovskiy village. Its most attractive peculiarity is horse plant and base of famous Ahalteke horses, the pride of Turkmen nation.
Driving along the Firuza road one comes into a picturesque gorge named after the settlement to its south. The village itself is surrounded by a beautiful mountain range, from the shapes and beauty of which you cannot take your eyes off. In the village there are several hotels with swimming pools, saunas, tennis courts, cafes and restaurants. The other Archabil's attraction is the biggest tree in Central Asia "Chinar" with 7 trunks in one and 4 meters width that is why it is called "7 brothers". It is the beauty of Firuza area why the President's dacha is located in the valleys above the village. You are sure to enjoy the time you spend in Archabil.


Right after Firuza Gorge, Chuli Valley is located 45 km west of Ashgabat in the foothills of the Kopetdag Mountains. If you are tired and exhausted of too much work and the heat, it is high time for you to drive out to Chuli Valley with its cool stream, steep mountains. It is a favorite place for the locals to have a picnic and for mountaineers to do even special climbing expeditions. The 2462 m-high Erekdag mountain runs over to the west, and as this peak is completely within Turkmenistan territory it is possible to do the best climbing there. Passive relaxation is also possible there in the various pioneer camps and in a Turkish hotel complex and the country hotel of Vneshekonom Bank with blue swimming pools, excellent tennis courts, comfortable accommodation, tasty cuisine of the restaurant and outdoors lunch. That is Lower Chuli.
Passing Lower Chuli you come to the best place for picnics in Upper Chuli. You can relax in the shade of the trees, but if you come on weekends you will have to spend a lot of time to find a vacant place.

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