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Dashogus City

Dashoguz (Tashauz) is the administrative centre of the Dashoguz region 618 km north from Ashgabat. It is the very northernmost point of Turkmenistan. The territory of Dasoguz city is the land of ancient Khorezm. Several historical sites and monuments have still preserved around Dasoguz.

In ancient times the city used to be a trans point of the Silk Road route for two reasons. The local authority had erected a solid well, later enforced with stones to keep it clean and cool. And there was also oasis. This is the reason why the city is called Dashoguz (from Turkmen it means stone spring). In early 20-th century Dasoguz has a small settlement with its peculiar curved thin streets closely built up with clay one-floor houses. The excavations also testify that there were many unique and rare trees.

Only since early 30-th of 20-th century Dashoguz has begun acquiring its modern forms. Many publicly important buildings, accommodation districts were built then. The city has greatly changed over the last few years. Now its full of fountains, cafes and restaurants. Most of the life is concentrated in one district with the bazaar and bus station near its northern end about 2 km from the town centre..
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