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Shasenem Fortress

Shah-Senem kala

Shasenem RuinsShah-senem kala is situated close to the ancient canal Chermenyab, at the end of the medieval irrigated lands, about 90 km to the northwest of Tashauz. These are the ruins of a medieval town Suburny , which is mentioned by the great traveler Yakut who visited it before Mongol encroachment. The town represents irregular in plan hill rising up to 9 meters. The preserved outer walls of the hill reach 15 m. To the north-west of Shah-senem there was a parking complex with pavilions and central buildings constructed at the last period of existence of town (XII-XIII) . To this period belong numerous ruins of mansions, irrigation network, as well as big complex of workshops for making glass and glass products situated in the northeast and east of the town.

According to archeologists, in IV c B/C-III A/D here existed a fortress. The flourishment of town dates back to the period of Khoresm shahs reign (XI-beginning of VIII). After Mongol invasion of the fortress underwent some restoration work but was invaded by the army of Timur. Archeological excavations revealed here ruins of a big mosque (XII-XIII) richly decorated by cut alabaster. Big artistic value possesses the discovered mihrab(altar niche) with its tracery alabaster semi columns decorated by various ornaments and Arabic inscriptions. Among artifacts found from the site there is a well-preserved bronze pot covered by inscriptions and ornaments.

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