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Daya KhatynDaya Khatyn Caravansaray

The Daya-Khatyn Caravanserai was built in the second half of the Xth century.The architecture of this building, thanks to the style and construction details, represents an extraordinary example of the architectural art belonging to the Norten School of Khorasan of the Golden Age.

Among settlements from Amul to Khoresm there are the ruins of the rabat with its caravan-serai Daya-khatyn which is situated 170 km to the north of Charjou. In X c settlement Dargan was the significant feudal town destroyed by the army of Chengiz-khan. But at the end of XIII-in the middle of XIV the town still existed here. The Rabat Daya-khatyn represents (112x125) ruins of raw bricks (28x28x5,5 cm). Round and rectangular walled towers fortified once rabat. Quadrate in plan caravan-serai (the length of it's side 53 m) stands at the center of Rabat. The arches, vaults and cupola of caravan-serai were made of burned bricks. Preserved construction of brick vaults, console sails are of big interest. There were found relief fragments of texts with names of caliphs Abu-Bekir, Omar and Ali. Caravan-serai is a typical monument of architecture.
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