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Badkhyz Reserve

Yerlanduz SaltlakeThe Badkhyz nature reserve , and the Badkhyz region proper, include ecosystems of hilly plateaus at the piedmont of the Paropamiz, the northernmost range of the Hindukush. The territory of the nature reserve supports 40 species of mammals, 250 species of birds, 34 species of reptiles. Among them are the Central Asian gazelle, Turkmen mountain sheep, onager, striped hyena, caracal, leopard, short-toed eagle, golden eagle, and others.
The vegetation in Badkhyz includes 1,050 varieties of vascular plants (442 genera and 76 families) of which more than 75 species and subspecies are endemic. The nature reserve incorporates 3 protected areas (all established in 1956):
Chemenibit (floodplain-river, the summer drinking place for onagers);
Kyzyldjar (piedmont, the drinking place for mammals and birds);
Pulikhatum (piedmont, the drinking place for mammals and birds).

Created in 1935 the reserve is situated in Mary region on the southernmost border of the former USSR near Kushka (Serkhetabat). Its territory runs over for 150 sqkm. The name of the reserve means "the place where wind begins". And this geographical name reflects the real climate conditions of the spot. It has two year periods: one of drought and rain. In summer time the heat is closely combined with drought. This period is a quite timeYerlanduz Saltlake for most of flora and fauna. One can be pleasantly surprised of the great variety of the animals here because fauna here is presented tribes of hoofed, birds and reptile. The most populated animals are "Kulans" a kind of wild horses. The reserve is also famous for its pistachio-trees that reap in May-June. Pistachio Gorge occupies the biggest territory between the rest two parts of the reserve. The trees growing far away from each other look like lonely warriors that protect the reserve. Badkhyz CanyonsRare and beautiful animals make the reserve one of the most attractive and outstanding spots of Turkmenistan. It is the best pace where one can watch animals, their life and spread over the grass under the shady and odorous trees at the same time. It is like a comfortable and pleasant to look theatre. That one feels happy who gets an opportunity to see all the beauty, feel the wild world of the animals and cruelty of the climate in the reserve.
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