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Ethnographic, Arts & Crafts

Extraordinary People

In Turkmenistan you can meet some of the friendliest people on the Silk Road with all their diversity, humour and superstition. Enjoy exceptional Turkmen hospitality as a visitor during tea, show respect at a Huday-Yoly meal or become a family friend at a joyful wedding. Talk to pilgrims at their holy shrines and share their bread, givings and wishes. Bargain with the colourfully dressed women at the bazaars and mingle with elders and children at a horserace. Join the special occasion of a circumcision, the Sunnet Toy. Understand unique people in their beautiful homeland and in their culture.
Felting in Yomud Area
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  Ethnographic & Arts tour - Turkmenistan 2000/2001
  Ensi Gallery
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Fascinating Arts & Crafts

Turkmenistan's tribes have inherited a unique blend of Nomadic and city cultures of the Silk Road and preserved extraordinary traditions in carpet making, weaving, embroidery and jewellery. Watch Nokhur women weaving beautiful Keteni Silks, drink tea with Teke-Tribe families knitting the famous Akhal Teke or Bukhara Rugs or visit an Ersari-Family creating fascinating Yaka and Chirpy Embroidery clearly identifying their clan. Take part in traditional Tamdyr-Oven Chorek bread and Somsa making; join Yomud-People reflecting their tribal patterns in their enormous Koshma Felts. Visit the Saryk-Clan masters creating armour-like Zergar Silver Jewellery.

For Reference check our special Arts&Crafts itinerary and visit the Ensi Gallery.

Nomad village - Erbent Oasis Traditional Food

Erbent oasis has preserved many of the traditional nomadic customs and handicraft throughout the centuries. Watch the Teke villagers prepare a traditional Chynar-patterned felt, see how the wool is combed and beaten and help the women with their tremendous work. Watch the firing of the Tamdyr-Oven to bake the dark bread common in rural areas and join the milking of the dromedary camels to make Chal, the traditional fermented Camel milk. Take part in the set up of the summer Ak-Oy yurts together with the villagers and learn the significance of the amulets and protective Alaja strings used in this centre of everyday nomads life.

Erbent can be visited in a day trip from Ashgabat or en route to Northern Turkmenistan being a 3 hour drive north of Ashgabat. You can also spend the night in a yurt or in a traditional Chaykhana teahouse. Request more info here

Click here for more information on Erbent.

Silk Makers and Embroidery

Silk weaving
Turkmen silk and embroidery are outstanding within Central Asia, with each different pattern identifying the clan and tribe of its artist like a family seal. You can watch the entire process of Keteni Silk making on a visit to a silk-making family. The raw silk is dyed with natural and artificial dyes, threaded and with the help of family and neighbours prepared and woven into colourful, hard 30 cm wide silk used for the dresses worn by Turkmen women on special occasions.Visit a traditional home where Teke girls are stitching silk Yaka Embroidery for the national women dress and the Chirpy Overcoats mainly worn by elder women of all tribes as head covering.

You can visit friendly carpeting, silk weaving and embroidery stitching families on a half-day trip in Ashgabat or most other cities. In spring you can also take part in the actual raw silk making from the cocoons of the silk worms. Request more info here


Nokhur women Nokhur is an extraordinary culture and region in the western Kopetdag range. With almost Indian indo-european features and very entrepreneurial life-style this tribe has preserved a unique tradition of handicrafts and architecture in their villages. Outstanding carpentry and unusual stone-houses are characteristic for their hillside villages amidst picturesque pomegranate and almond orchards. Experience extraordinary hospitality and stroll through the tiny alleyways of the villages.

4 hours west of Ashgabat, Nokhur should be visited on an extended day-trip with a stay at a local family. Book here.

Click here for more information on Nokhur.
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