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Visa Services / Letters of invitation (LOI)

Most foreign travellers to Uzbekistan require a visa and relevant visa support documentation. Currently citizen of the France, Italy, Belgium, Japan, Germany, Austria, Spain and Switzerland are subject to regulations where single-entry tourist visa visa can (but don't have to) be issued without visa support; also US citizen can normally obtain the visa without LOI, IF applying back home.

For citizen of all other countries STANTOURS can provide you with an invitation / visa support letter for Uzbekistan (essential to obtain a visa) for a visit of up to 30 days single-entry against a fee of USD 70 per person. Additional entires total 3 maximum) are possible with an additional fee of USD 10 per entry. Airport arrival visa are possible under certain conditions. Obtaining official government approval of the invitation letter usually takes 10-14 days, faster processing is possible upon request at additional cost.

Officially all visa are applicable at the Uzbek Consulate nearest to your residential address.

The fee for the Visa Support Letter is payable to us in advance by bank transfer. Actual visa fees are payable at the Uzbek Consulate.
Uzbek visa fees largely depend on the period they are issued for.

In Order to proceed:

Send us your personal data and arrange for prepayment according to our instructions AND send us a copy of the main page of your passport by e-mail attachment, additional documents may be requested.

1              Full Name (Last names, First names, Other names; names at birth or previous names if applicable):
2              Date of Birth (day, month, year) :
3              City and Country of Birth :
4              Citizenship (also previous citizenship if changed) :
5              Passport Number :
6              Date of the passport issue and expiration (day, month, year) :
7              Issuing authority :
8              Gender :
9              Marital Status:
9a           if married: spouse's full name:
10           Occupation and type of business :
11           Name of Place of Employment or Study , Address and phone number :
12           Home Address and mobile contact number:
13           Accompanying children travelling on applicant's passport :
14           Previous visits (date, purpose and inviting party if applicable):
15           Dates of first Entry and last Departure (day, month, year):
16           Ports of Entry and Exit :
17           Number of entries (one, two, three) :
18           Duration of stay (number of days) :
19           Processing type required (standard, urgent) :
20           City/country where you will obtain visa :
21           Cities you wish to visit, hotels, itinerary if available :

Once we have received all required documents and payment, we will submit your documents for approval by the Uzbek authorities.

Once approved we will send you the LOI by e-mail, which enables you to apply for your Uzbek visa at the requested Embassy.

You are requested to perform OVIR Police registration directly at your hotels & guesthouse.

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We can also assist with visa support to Tadjikistan, Russia and Iran for competitive fees and without service obligation. Please contact us for further information.
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