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Ferghana Valley


Margilan Photo Mark and Michelle

Fergana is one of the most ancient centres of civilization. Thanks to the warm local climate, people started tolling the land here as far back as 6-5 thousand years B.C. Ancient Persians, as well as Greeks who conquered Central Asia at the head of Alexander the Great, having seen the high culture and blossoming gardens called this land "The Cradle of Civilization" and "The Garden of Eden". In Persian Fergana is called "PARYHONA", which means the city of angels. Streets of the city are straight and wide, covered with high plane trees. Thanks to the trees Fergana became the greenest city in Central Asia. Fergana is a cultural and administrative centre of Fergana region. There is a State University, Polytechnical Institute, a Drama Theatre, Philharmonic Society, cinemas, and other cultural objects. The city continues to grow and improve new buildings, housing developments, new parks and gardens. The Al-Fargoniy Recreation park is one of the city's main attractions with its nearly 2,000 trees, many of them of rare species brought from different parts of the world. Whereas Fergana is relatively young, the history of other cities in the region goes back many centuries ago. At Fergana various tourists routes round the entire Fergana Valley start, to Kokand with its historical monuments, Rishtan - the centre of ceramic manufactory, Margilan where one can see the silks being handmade at home.

Transport hubs in the valley include Kokand, Ferghana and Marghilan. Daily flights connect Tashkent to Ferghana, buses travel to Kokand and trains to Marghilan.
Kokand City
Ferghana City
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